Remote access service for enterprise

Access your corporate system
from anywhere

Secure seamless connectivity

Create a 'universal workplace®' by working in the office and on-the-go, with secure access to corporate resources.

Data leak prevention

Keep connectivity secure and prevent information leakage through no-caching and no local device data-storing protocols.

User flexibility

User privacy and enterprise data security co-exist with data and access segregation. Even with strict corporate security protocols, businesses can take advantage of BYOD.

Simple installation and

CACHATTO works in tandem with any enterprise infrastructure, without any need for data center restructuring, server sizing, SAN, VPN, or changes in the firewall setting.
Keep corporate access secure with the various mobile device management features that CACHATTO offers.

Cost-effective and well-trusted

Cost-effective and well-trusted Minimal Capex coupled with simplified management and BYOD results in reduced IT costs.
CACHATTO has been tried and tested since 2004 with 900 major companies in Japan as clients and over 370,000 users.

Streamlined access to your business

Provide a safe environment when accessing multiple cloud environments without any loss of user agility or corporate manageability

Maximise productivity with an optimised solution which seamlessly connects to corporate system infrastructure, including emails, calendar, address books, file server, and various groupware applications.

Provide a safe environment when access to multiple cloud environments without any loss of user agility and corporate manageability.

Data security on end-point

Data security solution for easy access to on-premise or on-cloud enterprise resources

We emphasize on 'security first'.

End devices do not have direct access to the corporate network/servers. With CACHATTO's system, you can invoke all of the benefits of remote-access under a secure environment - offering a safe, robust system and data access.

Preventing security breaches and risk is done through various security measures, including but not limited to user & device authentication, with no data storage protocol on the used device.

Corporate system and personal devices coexist in an isolated environment. CACHATTO completely isolates corporate data from personal devices and vice versa, preserving the user's privacy and ensuring that no unauthorised data is entering the network.

CACHATTO gives users the freedom and space to be more productive while protecting the enterprise from any harm, independent from whatever hardware the users may use.

CACHATTO is focused in protecting your corporate data, independent of type of hardware used or how data is accessed. Using any device, on whichever location, CACHATTO protects accessed resources in exactly the same way in all format.

Have an easy and worry-free access to on-premise or cloud resources via iOS, Android, or Windows OS.

Virtual workspace client

Virtual workspace

With an easy-to-understand navigation and user interface, you can get more done from the get-go.

Learn about CACHATTO Desktop

Stable environment

Enable a continuous working environment anywhere, even in areas with unstable internet access. CACHATTO desktop utilises applications from the local CPU, allowing offline capability.

Learn about CACHATTO Desktop

Safe and secure

Access corporate systems and files with a peace of mind. App access and system connection validation help identify authorised users, and virtual workspace is cleared so you don't have to worry about virtual attacks nor information leakages.

Learn about CACHATTO Desktop

System integration

Manage your system effortlessly. The CACHATTO administrator page provides complete control of your system for smoother deployment and better management.

Implement CACHATTO quickly and effortlessly without making any major changes to the existing corporate system.
The CACHATTO server is placed within the corporate network, connecting mobile clients to corporate emails, calendar, fileserver, etc. via the CACHATTO Access Point.

Manage the CACHATTO system with ease within the corporate network. Obtain well-rounded support for all system administrators.

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"Efforts towards a mobile environment that supports 'work-life balance'"

- Ryohin Keikaku Co., Ltd.

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