NinjaConnect system

Building a secure file-access network to strengthen regional and international business collaboration and connectivity

Seamlessly and simultaneously connect and access multiple file servers in different locations, or access to all files located in a centralized storage; Global connectivity without VPN from anywhere, at anytime.

NinjaConnect access server (NinjaConnect Server)
NinjaConnect Server exists in the local network and is a secure gateway that allows you to access your internal, on-premise or cloud servers through an outbound-only connection.

NinjaConnect Access Point
NinjaConnect Access Point is set up under a strong and secure enterprise-grade data centre with 24-hour operation monitoring.

NinjaCOnnect structure

* Location of CACHATTO Access Point: Japan, Singapore, China

Keep on-premise connection secure
Focusing in creating a secure environment for network accessing, the system is designed to prevent any unauthorised access and unexpected attacks. Internal and external network communication is only achievable using outbound HTTPS, TLS connection.

NinjaConnect Adminstrator page enables you to configure user and administrator access, administer system updates, create system backup, etc. for a full system control. All changes in the changes in the settings and file server activities are monitored and set in log reports for tracking.

Admintrator page

System comparison

Deploy a remote file-access system just right for your business

NinjaConnect VPN Cloud-based
Active Directory authentication ✔✔ ✔✔
Device authentication ✔✔ ✔✔ ✔✔
File access control and audit ✔✔
Less downtime even with unstable internet connection ✔✔
Multi-location server access ✔✔
Simple implementation ✔✔ ✔✔
System scalability ✔✔
Reasonable operation cost ✔✔

Virtual server

system resources are provided for VMs, and the hypervisor makes this distribution flexible - and even limited from time-to-time depending on the current VM load and system policy.

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System management & support

System management & support

Providing an optimal tool to manage and simplify a file-sharing environment across various locations by multiple users.

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