NinjaConnect features

Access and share contents across multiple corporate file servers based in different geographical locations.

Secure access

Upload your files in your on-premise file server and access your files anywhere instantly without sacrificing security. User authentication, together with encrypted file access helps prevent security breaches and data leakage.

Access and share files through a light file-accessing application which validates and authenticates users based on ID, password, and company ID before authorising file server access. File server authorisation and various security policies protect your files from unauthorised access.

Track user access and changes to items in the file server. User logs are recorded to keep an inventory of activities within your network. Changes made by the administrator are also being tracked and recorded to monitor set changes in the system.

Multiple on-premise access

Global connectivity without VPN from anywhere, at anytime. Seamlessly connect to file servers in different locations and access files with ease.

File access & sharing

Increase efficiency and flexibility through sharing documents across your workforce with a secure multi-server system that allows users to easily access files from different locations or environments

Browse files and folders quickly and easily with NinjaConnect FileManager. Users are can search, download, edit and upload files seamlessly and securely with a window-like user interface.

Upload and download files with ease by dragging and dropping, or by opening, editing and saving files in existing Microsoft Office software.
Synchronise your files at a specified location to better manage your files, and avoid redundancy and data replication.

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