Collaborate files from domestic and/or overseas work sites using a secure file access solution

Corporate system connectivity

Flexible workstyle

Organise and share folder and files using a secure file-sharing network between regional and international work-sites. Whenever you are, you can access, store, and easily share files on your file server at any time.

Security and manageability

Empowers work efficiency without loss in security. Eliminate any communication attacks and unauthorised breaches by setting system policies, and keep track of activities through usage log monitoring.

Easy to implement

System implementation does not need any changes in the firewall settings and can be deployed using virtual machines, this minimizing the cost of investment.

Simplify your system

Strengthen work site collaboration by providing a secured gateway to share files and folders. Accelerate business productivity and flexibility with an easy to use file- access system that enables you to reach your files from anywhere, at any time.

System integration

Minimise downtime for business continuity. The NinjaConnect Administrator page gives you explicit control of your system.

Access files on multiple on-premise servers easily with "ninja-like" speed. File sharing is down through outbound (HTTPS, TLS) connection which provides more control in file access and monitoring.

NinjaConnect provides all-rounded and quality-guaranteed support to all system administrators. Providing customers with information and support to troubleshoot problems or provide guidance to keep NinjaConnect functions available and at an optimal operational capacity.


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