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2018.6.28 CACHATTO Desktop for Windows V3.1 version release
2018.6.14 CACHATTO SecureBrowser for Mac, Android, and iOS new version releases
2018.5.31 CACHATTO Desktop for Windows V3.0.2 version releases
2018.5.17 CACHATTO V5.6 R6 version releases
2018.5.8 CACHATTO Access Point launched in England
2018.4.26 CACHATTO, CACHATTO Desktop, SecureBrowser for Android, iOS, Windows version releases
2018.4.2 CACHATTO SecureBrowser for Android version releases
2018.3.13 CACHATTO Desktop for Windows, Splashtop for CACHATTO(iOS) version releases
2018.2.27 CACHATTO SecureBrowser for Windows version releases
2018.2.20 420,000 CACHATTO users, 1000 companies
2018.2.13 CACHATTO Desktop V3.0 release
2018.2.8 CACHATTO SecureBrowser for iOS version release
2018.1.25 CACHATTO, CACHATTO SecureBrowser for Android, Windows version releases
2018.1.16 Testing report: CACHATTO SecureBrowser for iOS on iOS 11.2.2 devices
2018.1.4 CACHATTO SecureBrowser for Windows, CACHATTO version releases
2017.12.26 Top feature of 2017 & year-end hours reminder
2017.12.19 CACHATTO SecureBrowser for Windows, iOS, Splashtop for CACHATTO (iOS) version releases
2017.12.12 CACHATTO SecureBrowser for Android V3.26.5 version release
2017.12.07 Update regarding iPhone X: Testing results and FaceID
2017.12.05 E-Jan International year-end holiday announcement
2017.11.30 CACHATTO SecureBrowser for Android, iOS, Windows version releases
2017.11.28 Important announcement for CACHATTO Desktop users in regard to the error occurring with Windows 10 Fall Creators Update
2017.11.21 CACHATTO Desktop now supports Chinese language user interface
2017.11.02 CACHATTO receives No. 1 shares in multiple market surveys for 6th consecutive year
2017.10.26 CACHATTO V5.6 R2, CACHATTO Desktop for Windows V2.5.1, Splashtop for CACHATTO(iOS) V1.0.0.3 version releases
2017.10.12 Splashtop for CACHATTO(Android) V1.0.0.5, CACHATTO SecureBrowser for Android V3.26.2, CACHATTO V5.6 R1 U003, CACHATTO SecureBrowser for iOS V3.25.2 version releases
2017.10.05 English File Server connection manual available
2017.09.28 English POP and IMAP settings manual available
2017.09.12 CACHATTO SecureBrowser for Windows V4.3 and CACHATTO SecureBrowser for iOS V3.25.1 version release
2017.08.22 CACHATTO SecureBrowser for Android V3.26.1 version release
2017.08.10 CACHATTO SecureBrowser for iOS V3.25.0 and SecureBrowser for Android V3.26.0 version release
2017.07.27 E-Jan International summer holiday announcement
2017.07.25 CACHATTO SecureBrowser for iOS V3.24.0 version release
2017.06.20 CACHATTO V5.6 R1 version release
2017.05.23 CACHATTO Desktop for Windows V2.4 version release
2017.04.27 E-Jan International Golden week holiday announcement
2017.03.16 CACHATTO Desktop for Windows V2.3 version release
2017.03.09 CACHATTO V5.5 R8, CSB-i V3.23.0 version release
2017.01.26 Lunar New Year holiday announcement
2016.12.27 E-Jan International holiday announcement
2016.12.20 E-Jan International has moved to a new office
2016.12.13 CACHATTO V5.5 R7 U002 version release
2016.11.01 CACHATTO Desktop version release
2016.09.06 CACHATTO V5.5 R7 and CACHATTO SecureBrowser for Android, Mac version release
2016.08.09 E-Jan International summer holiday announcement
2016.07.26 CACHATTO V5.5 R6, CACHATTO SecureBrowser version release
2016.07.19 [End of support] iOS 7
2016.06.14 CACHATTO SecureBrowser for iOS V3.20.0 version release
2016.05.31 Introducing CACHATTO Desktop V2.0
2016.04.14 CACHATTO V5.5 R5 version release
2016.04.05 [End of support] Android 2.3
2016.01.26 [End of support] iOS 6
2016.01.21 CACHATTO SecureBrowser for Android V3.19.0,and CACHATTO Monitor V1.3 version release
2016.01.19 CACHATTO V5.5 R3 Version Release
2015.12.25 E-Jan International holiday announcement
2015.12.11 Support center and helpdesk operation holiday announcement
2015.09.15 [End of support] Android 2.x and 3.x devices
2015.06.26 Multi-Cloud Gateway function release

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