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Efforts towards a mobile environment that supports 'work-life balance'

Ryohin Keikaku Co., Ltd. staff:

Ms.Noriko Tebakari
- Information Systems Head Application
- Management Group

The Ryohin Keikaku Co., Ltd. brand 'MUJI' focuses on the concept of 'simple and beautiful' to create products that enrich its customers’ lives. Ryohin Keikaku encourages its employees to have a fulfilling personal life alongside their work-life; the way in which it is actualized is by making it a policy of having them leave the office on time. The company began a selection process to find a system for the mobile business infrastructure which would positively influence employees’ lifestyles. CACHATTO was ultimately chosen to be this system.

Considering CACHATTO to increase efficiency and to promote leaving the office by 6pm

We interviewed Ms. Tebakari about the project that she led.

'We have a comprehensive policy that enforces employees to leave work by 6pm. All company devices are actively powered down to prompt employees to leave.

A VPN was being used to enable a mobile environment to increase work efficiency; however, a number of complaints had been made by employees saying that connecting was a hassle, sessions would drop because of overseas internet connection issues, and it was difficult to use. Then, our IT vendor told us of a remote-access solution called CACHATTO, that was designed for mailing and scheduling on smartphones, and which could be accessed quickly even in between meetings or while on the move.

The factors we focused on when starting the project was whether it could resolve the problems we were having with our VPN. Since we were considering BYOD, security was another crucial factor. (See Table 1)

'Ultimately, CACHATTO met all of our objectives and cleared the company’s security policy, allowing us to implement CACHATTO. The feature that 'doesn’t leave data on the device' was a big factor,' said Ms. Tebakari.

Currently, CACHATTO and the VPN are being used in conjunction, but are also used separately depending on the work and environment.

Objectives Merit
Starts up quickly Able to use during spare time
Stable cpnnection Stable workflow
Wide range of supported devices Suitable for BYOD
Does not leave data on the device High-level security, making BYOD secure
Easy to implement Can be implemented in a short amount of time
Easy implementation for users Users can set up without administrator assistance
Table 1: CACHATTO evaluation objectives
Actualizing BYOD in a short time by self-kitting on personal devices

We asked Ms. Tebakari about how BYOD was actualized.

'To actualize BYOD, we focused on two things. First, it would have to align with our company security policy. Second, it should be easy for the user to install and use on their personal device (from the app*1 installation to the set up). For the implementation on their personal devices, the results were pleasantly surprising. We put together instructions for app installation on a single A4 sheet of paper and people began using CACHATTO from the day we started the service; by the following day everyone was using it. During that time, we received zero queries, which was honestly very surprising. I think this was wholly due to people being accustomed to their own devices.'

Ms. Tebakari recalls that it was thanks to the employees’ cooperation that implementing CACHATTO progressed so smoothly. CACHATTO was able to rise to the challenge.

Beginning with a limited number of users, requests to quickly expand the user-base arose

Ms. Tebakari happily explained to us how the project she had led was well-received by the employees. 'Use of CACHATTO was limited to personal requests. We gave priority to employees who are often out of the office, such as those who go overseas on business trips to do research on materials and those who manage many store locations around the country. Including the executives, roughly 80 people were screened and selected to start using CACHATTO. As mentioned previously, every user self- kitted their device, and is now using it without any problems. Use in the field has been met with positive reviews, and we have received requests to increase the number of people permitted to use the service. We plan to have a second round of applications, and increase the number of users to up to 400 people.'

'The project was started in July 2012. We had been unsatisfied with certain Web groupware, and at the suggestion of our IT vendor switched over to INSUITE which became available for smartphones. This was done with BYOD and CACHATTO in mind. We had the vendor help us with setting up the integrated authentication, and e-Jan Networks provided us with support when linking INSUITE with CACHATTO. By August, our preparations were in place, and in September we had it fully operational. Support from the vendors and the makers was instrumental to making it operational in such a short amount of time. We look forward to e-Jan Networks’ courteous support and expansion of CACHATTO features,' Ms. Tebakari concluded with some words of thanks and her expectations. Like MUJI, e-Jan Networks endeavors to have products that are long-loved by customers.

*1 CACHATTO SecureBrowser
The information presented in this case study is from January 2013, and may no longer be up-to-date at the time of publication.

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