Meiji Yasuda Life Insurance Company

CACHATTO accelerates communication and the decision-making process of Japanʼs longest running life insurance company

Meiji Yasuda Life Insurance company staff:

Mr. Shinji Yuasa
- Information Systems Department
- Chief Staff of Network Foundation Group

Mr. Yoshihiro Itou
- Information Systems Department
- Chief Staff of Network Foundation Group

Mr. Yasuyuki Hirata
- Information Systems Department
- Network Foundation Group staff

Mr. Yuya Abe
- Information Systems Department
- Network Foundation Group staff

The case study
  • The support service for the mobile remote access service that Meiji Yasuda Life Insurance was using had been terminated so they had to find a succeeding product.
  • 'Mobile remote access', 'mobile phones for executives', and 'a measure against pandemics', one service that solves these issues was the deciding factor to introduce CACHATTO.
  • They have high expectations for a larger effect than investment as well as a cost reduction in management of the IT department.
CACHATTO, the final choice selected by Meiji Yasuda, pioneer at introducing mobile remote access service for business

'It is believed that life insurance companies tend to be more conservative or hesitant on adopting new technologies, but actually we are highly active in applying advanced mobile remote services to business operations', says Mr. Shinji Yuasa, Chief Staff of Network Foundation Group of the Information System Department at Meiji Yasuda Life Insurance Company. It can be said that Meiji Yasuda has a progressive spirit since they had already introduced a mobile remote access service in 2004. This was to help executives who frequently leave the office, to send and receive emails, and check and edit their schedules from outside the company. However, in the spring of 2010, the company that provided this solution suddenly terminated their support of the service, hence we had to find another company and service.

Since they had no choice but to switch their fundamental service, the information system department of Meiji Yasuda was very careful when selecting the subsequent service. The subsequent service must be at least as functional as the previous one, and with the development on mobile technology, their demands were higher both in functions and in the variety of the platforms compatible. Undeniably, the cost performance of a service is important, but whether a service will be provided to them constantly with responsibility was even more important. Consequently, experience, development potential, R&D capability as well as its credibility were all taken into consideration. They rigorously reviewed and examined various services by these points, and CACHATTO turned out to be their final choice.

A trial run was soon stared in early August, 2010, right after they decided to apply CACHATTO in late June. With a significant growth in smartphone users among employees, an operation of system migration was attentively performed for 1,000 employees on their cellphones. The whole process was completed by the end of 2010. The fact that the migration could be finished within such a short period of time shows how easy it is to install CACHATTO.

CACHATTO: 'Kills three birds with one stone'

Why was CACHATTO chosen out of all of the candidate remote access services available for Meiji Yasuda. Simply providing a mobile remote access service was not the only selection criteria. Mr. Yuasa stressed, 'There were no big differences in basic functions such as emailing and scheduling. CACHATTO was selected because we figured that it could deal with three of our issues on its own. In addition, its outstanding cost performance and contributions to our IT management cost reduction were valued.'

The functions to 'Kill three birds with one stone' that was expected from CACHATTO were as follows:
  • As a new mobile remote access platform which advanced the security of the existing corporation network system
  • As a new mobile access platform that helps executives make decisions instantly, and at any time
  • No need to carry both a personal and a work device
  • As a platform that staff could use at home for business when natural disasters or a pandemic occurs

Originally these issues had been approached separately, but because its superiority was recognized, it was decided to apply CACHATTO as a solution to all of these issues. 'We were highly impressed by the distinct performance of CACHATTO on iPad when we saw the presentation by e-Jan Networks, Co.' Mr. Yuasa accentuated, 'Seeing a demo of CACHATTO being perfectly operated on iPads, which had just been released in Japan, was the deciding factor. Through a series of meetings with e-Jan, we were convinced CACHATTO is the best solution that meets all our expectations and requirements.'

Mobile remote access, mobile phones for executives, a measure against pandemics; All could be actualized by CACHATTO

Nowadays, iPads that were introduced for the adoption of CACHATTO are being actively applied by the executives. With the advancement of operation visualization, the amount of information that the executives need to view has increased. iPads that are lighter, thinner, faster to be started, and easier to be operated than a PC, became a hotline for busy executives to use while on business trips or leaving the office for business meetings. Previously, personal computers were distributed to our staff for working at home, but using iPads for business would allow them to work not only on weekdays, but also during the weekend or even when they are commuting, which is remarkably welcomed by our staff. The remotely accessible working environment that iPads create through CACHATTO contributes to speeding up the decision-making process at Meiji Yasuda.

It became more convenient to work after the introduction and application of CACHATTO. The remote access service that they previously used was fine for reading mail and replying to them, but failed to allow access to internal mail address data, consequently, it was troublesome when they could not remember the recipientʼs address when emailing someone. Of course, email attachments could not be opened either. Nonetheless, such kinds of problems have all been solved with the introduction of CACHATTO. Now staff can freely access the internal mail address data, opening attached files without any risk of data Mobile Remote Access, Mobile Phones for Executives, a Measure against Pandemics; All Could be actualized by CACHATTO being saved on their cellphones. It has now become very close to 'the same as being inside the office'.

Ever since a new-type of influenza occurred and stroke Japan in 2009, Meiji Yasuda Life Insurance has been taking measures on dealing with such situations, which includes creating an environment where staff can access internal data from home and can proceed on necessary work safely, if they have difficulty coming to the office. With CACHATTO, there is no need for setting up a new VPN network system, so there are no extra costs in investment or management. Staff can view and edit files without saving data on the local drive of personal PCs. It is neither necessary to set any new port on the corporation network firewall. We are satisfied with both the cost of management and the high-level of information security. After experiencing the '3.11 East Japan Earthquake', there is significant meaning to having an environment ready for working in a new style.

*Please be noted that all information mentioned above in this case study was collected in June, 2011. Information is subject to change. Your understanding is appreciated

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