A highly secure offsite connection for your business, enabling workstyle versatility

Protection built into every step - authentication, authorisation, and systemised access.

A highly secure offsite connection to cloud-based collaborative software and the corporate email system, calendars, fileservers, address books, and other corporate applications from a variety of devices including smartphones, tablets, and PCs.


Changes to existing firewall settings are unnecessary, making it easy to implement.

The CACHATTO Server (CAS) exists in the local network and is a secure gateway that allows you to access your internal, on-premise or cloud servers through an outbound-only connection.

This enables secure communication between system components and mobile clients via CACHATTO Access Point.

CACHATTO Access Point is set up at a highly secure enterprise-grade data centre which is continuously monitored 24/7.

system structure

Communication is made only through an outbound HTTPS connection. Users are authenticated using the active directory, which enables access to corporate resources.

All requested data is encrypted and sent to CACHATTO SecureBrowser on the end device. Sent data is erased upon a completed session.

CACHATTO Administrator page offers easy-to-use but extensive control over system configuration and application settings.

Direct access

Without connecting to CACHATTO Access Point, the existing environment can be fully utilized while maintaining the same level of security with the combination of CACHATTO and reverse proxy, SSL-VPN, a closed network, etc.
CACHATTO can be tailored to fit individual company security requirements.

System management & support

System management & support

Tailoring to system administrators' needs for easy management and continuous reliabililty

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