CACHATTO features

Increase business agility and minimise security risk.
Transform into versatile workstyle by providing business resource necessities in one optimised solution.

Office communication

Communicate and collaborate with your colleagues and contacts better. Have a reliable and synchronised access to your corporate email, calendar accounts, and addressbook

Keep email messages synchronised at all times to have a constant open communication with your organisation and contacts. With an optimised email, complete with the basic email functions including tagging, image attachments, etc., you'll be able to keep important things intact and enable your email communication process in an outmost efficiency.

email function

Simple and systematic schedule organiser. Be able to set your schedule meticulously together with your colleagues' schedule with a sharable calendar.

calendar function

Keep track of your own contacts within your own account. With a smart sharing feature, manage your corporate contacts from a centralised directory which can be shared across your organisation.

contact function

File server access

Access files from anywhere, on any device for easy collaboration and enhanced productivity. Keep file access with security features and policies that meet enterprise compliance requirements, ensuring flexibility without disrgarding security.

Easily access documents whether youre inside or outside the office. Folder management enables you to restrict access to documents to specific people to prevent data loss or leakage.

file server function

To increase flexibility by working offline, you may download your files from the file server and upload them once your are connected to the internet. Drag and drop files from the FileManager window and edit Office files by using locally installed softwares.

* Only available by using CACHATTO Desktop application.


Portal sites

Portal access provides clients with secure access to internal web servers. Portal access may also function as an a access provider to most web-based applications and internal web servers. With a highly secure connection, you can access corporate web-based groupware without changing the existing interface.

Enable to connect and access web-applications which are customised for your organisation. Portal connection gives you the ability to work within the web-application as if you are directly accessing them with your PC internally.

Bring information together from diverse sources in a uniformly and securely. Simplify the way you manage workflow, collaborate with different work groups, integrate your system, and more with a corporate portal solution. This function is also equipped with single sign-on (SSO) access, which enables users to securely and easily access client-based applications.

Supported portal/web-based applications
•  IBM Notes/ Domino
•  Microsoft Exchange
•  desknet's

Secure cloud access
(Multi-Cloud Gateway)

CACHATTO’s Multi-Cloud Gateway provides a safe environment to access public and private cloud services

Enhance user agility and corporate manageability with a simple and secure portal connection to multiple cloud environments.

Supported cloud services
•  Microsoft Office 365 (Exchange Online)
•  G Suite
•  Salesforce

Office 365

Provide a safe cloud-access environment for sensitive data from risk of exposure without loss of user functionality. Equipped with single sign-on (SSO) access, CACHATTO Multi-Cloud Gateway enables users to have complete manageability when accessing cloud systems.

Moreover, with CACHATTO 'no-data storage' feature, be assured that all accessed and downloaded files and data are kept from being saved into the physical memory of your device to prevent any data leakages.

Office 365

Case studies

"What we need is a new approach to work... a convinient and efficient way to quickly view data when out of the office, rather than as a way to accomplish 'power work'"

- United Arrows Ltd.
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