Increase business agility and workstyle versatility with a secure, business-ready virtual environment

Get work done on the get-go with a secure environment, built to provide full work mobility, even at places with unstable internet connectivity. Provide yourself with a clear-cut approach to maintain work-life balance with a virtual workspace with a business continuity capabilites that enables you to access and edit files, access corporate systems and cloud-based applications, etc.

Connect to corporate email, calendar and contacts, on-premise file server, and cloud with ease without sacrificing security or IT control. The virtual desktop and virtual disk that makes up the virtual workspace allows for applications to be used inside the environment and enables files to be saved temporarily. No data is left on the client device which prevents data leakages. Files remaining on the virtual environment are deleted alongside the workspace on each session end.

A flexible and easy-to-use environment to seamlessly access corporate files and applications, thus providing higher flexibility and increase business agility. Key business tool for work mobility and versatility, offering an enhanced customer experience management with secure digital workspace technology.

CACHATTO Desktop function

A digital workspace which drives revenue and company growth.

The files is temporarily saved in the virtual disk in the virtual workspace where access from the external area is restricted. Data and files are transmitted as needed and opened with local resources applications on the client device. Continuous internet connectivity is not required, and performance is not depended on the connection quality.

Enahnce security of cloud-based software
Access cloud-based collaborative software such as Office 365, G Suite apps, as well as corporate resources in one secure environment.
CACHATTO’s single sign on (SSO) feature enables restriction in where employees can only access Office 365 through the automatic sign-in via CACHATTO Desktop. Further more, downloaded email attachments are saved temporarily onto CACHATTO Desktop’s virtual sandbox, which would be deleted upon logout from the CACHATTO Desktop application to help prevent data loss/leakage.

Offline viewing and editing
With an offline capability, CACHATTO Desktop can facilitate your workstyle no matter where you are. Continuing to edit and view files is still possible, regardless of the stability of your internet connection. Office files can be edited by utilising applications from the local CPU.

System comparison

Increase business agility and maximise work productivity.
Transform into a more versatile workstyle by providing business the necessary resources in one optimal solution.

CACHATTO Desktop Remote desktop VDI
Offers connection to corporate system and cloud-based application ✔✔ ✔✔ ✔✔
Simplicity - minimal requirements for implementation ✔✔
Mobility - work anywhere, at any time ✔✔ ✔✔ ✔✔
Offline capabilities - does not require a stable internet connection ✔✔
Security - access authentication and no data on devices ✔✔ ✔✔ ✔✔
Reasonable initial and operation cost ✔✔

System implementation

The virtual desktop and virtual disk that makes up the virtual workspace (sandbox environment) allows for applications to be used inside the environment and enables files to be saved temporarily.

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